About Us

GymQuest Sports Academy is a multi sport facility located in Beavercreek, Ohio. We offer a wide variety of classes to children and adults ages 2 through adult.


GYMNASTICS |  we offer pre-school gymnastics, 2 to 4 yr., recreational gymnastics, 5-18 years, both for boys and girls. Also under the gymnastic heading are the tumbling classes. Ages range from 5-18. We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced classes. Tumbling is also for boys and girls.

COMPETITIVE TEAM | We have a competitive girls team. Our current competitive levels are 2- 9 and Xcel. We also have Level 1 as our pre-team.

PARKOUR | Parkour is a training discipline which involves seeing one’s environment in a new way, and imagining the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features. It includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation. Each of our 4 Parkour levels have been developed to focus on the progressive needs of students to ensure a healthy and efficient learning environment. Parkour age groups are 5-adult.

QUEST DANCE | Quest Dance Center offers a wide range of unique classes for ages 4 to adult including, hip-hop, ballet, breakdance, competitive crews and special needs.

Quest Elite Cheer Team:  This team is the new addition to our Competive Programs. This class  is foucues on Cheer/Gymanstic/Dance/and Stunts. There are Cheer Clinics  though out the year with a competive season starting in January.

NINJA ZONE | Ninja Zone is a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and dance. The mission of Ninja Zone is to teach students to move through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess and stealth. Classes are available for ages 3-11.


In the event that the gym would need to close due to inclement weather, here is the information you will need to stay informed.

GymQuest Sports Academy DOES NOT follow Beavercreek City Schools. Closing information will be posted on our Facebook Page, Our Website and on WHIO – Channel 7. GymQuest will be listed as an individual business at the bottom of the screen with the other closings in our area. To save time you can go to the WHIOTV website to see all listings. All sources will be updated in the morning and throughout the day if the status should change.



Deb Wright

Owner/Team and Recreational Coach

Deb's Bio
Everyone at GymQuest Sports Academy is dedicated in helping each and every child that we meet. Our mission is to inspire everyone who crosses our paths and touches our heart. We want our kids, their parents, and our co-workers to experience and share in the passion we feel for life. We hope that every time you leave us you will remember your experience with us as happy and fulfilling. To help a child learn is a wonderful feeling. Their insatiable curiosity gives us an open door to teach them and watch them grow. Teaching a child from within will give them a life that will be filled with love, respect and honesty. Teaching these values in a fun, happy and safe environment will always keep children excited about learning. We just celebrated our 9th birthday, there have been some very special people that have come and gone from the gym. Friendships have been formed that will last a lifetime. I just wanted to let all of you know how important you are to me and how you have played a role in making GymQuest what it is today.


Carla Amburgey

Office Manager/Coach

Carla's Bio
Carla has been in the Management position for 30 plus years and has been a certified personal trainer for 10 years. She has been a gymnastics recreational coach and preschool coach for 8 years, she is also a member of USAG. She enjoys working at GymQuest for various reasons, she loves educating and teaching children gymnastics. She gets to work the back part of the business as Office Manager. Also, she gets to talk with and get know the parents of the kids. “It is a very enthusiastic environment. The owner is the back bone of the business supporting all her coaches in continuing education in the sport.”

Koti Cox

Assistant Office Manger

Koti's Bio
Koti has always worked with children of all ages. She loves learning new things not only about the gymnastics, dance, and parkour aspect but the business side as well. She has been with GymQuest for a little over a year. When not at GymQuest she loves spending time with her family.


Richie McKeever

Dance Manager/Boys Coach/Parkour Instructor

Richie's Bio
Richie started teaching dance at the age of 13 inspired through music and movement. He took his dance training to college and grew as a dancer and a choreographer. He has been teaching dance for over 15 years, he attended Wright State University for a dance and business degree. He has over 15 years of dance training with a lot of experience working with kids through dance. He has choreographed over 50 dance routines, recitals, and 7 years of competitive dance. We have an autism and down syndrome dance program to help with the rehabilitation process that Richie loves being involved with. He is also a part of the Miami-Valley Dance Teacher Association. He is one of our certified Parkour instructors. He loves being at Gym Quest and Quest Dance Center, it gives everyone an opportunity to do what they love and have fun.


Ryan Druss

Parkour Coach


Devin Wright

Competitive Team Coach

Devin's Bio
Devin has been a Team Coach at GymQuest for 4 years. She competed competitively for 8 years and for Beavercreek High School. She is CPR and USAG certified. Gymnastics has been a huge part of her life for 13 years. It has really helped her grow and develop into the person she is today. She loves working with all of the girls and helping them become successful and follow their dreams!


Kaitlyn Apple

Competitive Team Coach

Kaitlyn's Bio

Kaitlyn was a gymnast for 10 years, competing both USAG and for Beavercreek High School. Gymnastics has played a vital role in shaping her as the person she is today and has allowed her to develop qualities that she continues to apply to the various endeavors of her life. This sport has taught her discipline, setting goals and having the willpower to complete them, working with others as a team, determination and dedication and ultimately that hard work pays off. As a coach she is now able to not only help kids become better gymnasts, but also watch them learn and grow from the many life lessons that stem from gymnastics. She genuinely looks forward to coming to work each day and hopes to make an impact on the gymnasts that she teaches in GymQuest’s positive and fun environment, just as her coaches did for her.


Kim Busche

Competitive Team Coach

Kim's Bio
Kim has been coaching for 14 years overall and with coaching at GymQuest for 7 years. She was a competitive gymnasts for 9 years. She has her Bachelors Degree in Nursing and Exercise Science, Kim is also CPR, First Aid, and USAG Certified. She loves working with children and helping them develop lifetime qualities the way the sport has shaped her.


Rick Reedy

Tumbling Coach
BHS Cheer/Gymnastics Coach

Rick's Bio
Rick has always had love for gymnastics, he started out as a gymnast for Miamisburg in 1977. He continued to compete through 1984, he began his coaching career during his Junior year of High School in 1983. Rick also coaches for Beavercreek High School Gymnastics and works with Beavercreek Cheer for tumbling. He keeps coaching around as a second job simply because he loves seeing the girls improve and he just loves the sport itself! When he’s not coaching he loves spending time with his wife and daughter.


Shawn Brewer

Parkour & Ninja Zone Coach

Shawn's Bio

Parkour is an art to some people, and can also serve as a sport to stay in shape, move through an environment efficiently and quickly, as well as a means of making new friends and being a part of an uprising community. Shawn loves teaching parkour at GymQuest to help students find ways of having fun with their environment, complex or simple, as well as staying in shape, finding balance and confidence with their surroundings.


Amin Ashraf

Boys Gymnastics, Parkour, & Ninja Zone Coach

Erika Debolt

Head Team coach level 1 Team & Pre-Team Coach/Girls Recreational Coach

Erika's Bio

Erika majored in Exercise Biology at Wright State University and also has a degree in Dental Assisting. She has been at GymQuest Since Feb, 2014. She started out coaching Recreational Classes and she recently started coaching with our Competitive Team and Lead Coach Level 1. She is also a member of USAG. Since she has started coaching her love for the sport has grown drastically. She absolutely loves working with kids of all ages, which makes for a wonderful learning experience and challenges her as a coach. She is married and a mother of 2!


Alexis Rak

Competitive Team Coach


Oliva Bradds

Competitive Team Coach


Angel Luff

Competitive Team Coach


Chris Green

Dance Instructor


Dia Vogel

Dance Instructor


Dustin Wright

Boys Recreational & Ninja Zone Coach


Hannah Anderson

Dance Instructor


Jair Crooms

Dance Instructor


Kayla Smith

Gymnastics Coach


Jonathan Lloyd

Parkour & Ninja Zone Coach


Kamran Sandhu

Gymnastics, Parkour & Ninja Zone Coach


Maddy Tamplyn

Girls Recreational Coach


Lydia Dean

Recreational Leader & Gymnastics Coach


Megan Wilker

Tumbling & Special Needs Gymnastics Coach

Savannah Ford

Dance Teacher


Mercy Spencer

Dance Instructor